The Graduate Policy Committee (GPC) considers University-wide policies related to graduate education and works in accordance with the Steering Committee and the Faculty Senate. When a policy is successfully accepted by the GPC, it has to then normally be approved by the Steering Committee and/or the Faculty Senate (depending on the nature of the policy) in order to be revised and implemented. This page consolidates all approved graduate policies related specifically to students. 

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  1. Date- This serves as the official date that the policy was approved and finalized.
  2. Subject- The subject heading highlights the name of the policy.
  3. Approved Policy- This link takes you directly to the new and/or revised policy wording. The header of this document shows each date the policy was discussed, revised and accepted.
  4. Graduate Policy Committee (GPC) Minutes- Highlights the discussion, origin, and reasons behind the development or amendment of the policy.
  5. Faculty Senate (FS) Minutes- Highlights the discussion in finalizing and approving the policy for implementation.

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Note: If "N/A" is visible under the GPC or FS column, this does not mean the minutes do not exist, but rather could not be found. This website is a work-in-progress, so bear with us as we try to locate all of the information.


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Approved Policy


GPC Minutes


FS Minutes

2-16-22 Graduate Bulletin Updates to Student Course Load Section (Full-Time vs Underload/Part-Time) Document 1
Document 2
Document 3
1-31-22 Minutes 2-16-22 Minutes
1-19-22 Proposal to Continue the GRE Waiver for Master's and Specialist Applicants Beyond 2022 (3 Years- Beginning with Spring 2023 Application Cycle) Document 1-10-22 Minutes 1-19-22 Minutes
10-20-21 Change Grade-Point Weighting for Curved College of Law Grades Document 9-13-21 Minutes 10-20-21 Minutes
10-20-21 New Proposed English Language Proficiency Exams for Graduate Admission to FSU (Cambridge Language Assessment, Michigan Language Assessment and Duolingo) Document 9-13-21 Minutes 10-20-21 Minutes
9-15-21 Definition for Master's Degree In-Flight (en route) to Completing the Doctoral Degree Document 8-20-21 Minutes 9-15-21 Minutes
9-15-21 Update to Graduate Certificate Policy Document 8-30-21 Minutes 9-15-21 Minutes
4-14-21 Minor Revisions to Graduate Bulletin Sections Related to Professional Degree Programs Document 3-22-21 Minutes 4-14-21 Minutes
3-24-21 Updated University-Wide TA Standards for Graduate Students Document 3-1-21 Minutes 3-24-21 Minutes
2-24-21 Change to the 3 Hr Rule for Thesis and Dissertation Graduate Students Document 2-8-21 Minutes 2-24-21 Minutes
2-24-21 Manuscript Clearance Defense Grade Definitions Document 1-25-21 Minutes 2-24-21 Minutes
2-24-21 Extension for Temporary Univ. Wide GRE Waiver for Master's and Specialist Applicants for all Terms in 2022 Document 2-22-21 Minutes 2-24-21 Minutes
1-21-21 Preliminary Exam Policy Update Document 1-11-21 Minutes 1-21-21 Minutes
4-29-20 Revision to Grade Appeals System Document 3-27-20 Minutes 4-29-20 Minutes
4-22-20 Master's Program Definitions and New Project Master's Degree-Type Document 3-16-20 Minutes 4-22-20 Minutes
4-22-20 Temporary Univ. Wide GRE-GMAT Waiver for Fall 2020 Master's and Specialist Applicants Document N/A 4-22-20 Minutes
12-16-19 GRE Waiver-FSU-FAMU College of Engineering (thesis- PhD) Document N/A N/A
12-16-19 GRE Waiver- Online Educational Leadership and Admin Document N/A N/A
10-7-19 GRE Waiver- Neuroscience Document 10-7-19 Minutes N/A
10-7-19 GRE Waiver- Biomedical Sciences Document 10-7-19 Minutes N/A
9-30-19 GRE Waiver- International Affairs Document 9-30-19 Minutes N/A
9-9-19 GRE Waiver- Nursing Document 9-9-19 Minutes N/A
4-29-19 GRE Waiver- College of Social Work Document 4-29-19 Minutes N/A
4-29-19 GRE Waiver- Corporate and Public Communication (PCC) Document 4-29-19 Minutes N/A
4-15-19 GRE Waiver-  Public Administration Document 4-15-19 Minutes N/A
2-18-19 GRE Waiver- School of Communication Document (Updated 7-3-19) 2-18-19 Minutes N/A
2-18-19 GRE Waiver- Art Education  Document 2-18-19 Minutes N/A
1-28-19 Policy Concerning Financial Aid and Degree Applicable Hours for Graduate Students Memo 1-28-19 Minutes 3-13-19
10-29-18 GRE Waiver- School of Teacher Education Document (Updated 6-19-19) 10-29-18 Minutes N/A
10-22-18 GRE Waiver- FSU-FAMU College of Engineering (non-thesis) Document 10-22-18 Minutes N/A
10-1-18 GRE Waiver- Educational Leadership & Policy (online Ed.D) Document 10-1-18 Minutes N/A
10-1-18 GMAT Waiver- College of Business (policy update) Document 10-1-18 Minutes N/A
3-21-18 Master's Degree- Graduate Credit Hr Requirement Document 3-5-18 Minutes 3-21-18 Minutes
3-5-18 GRE Waiver- Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies Document 3-5-18 Minutes N/A
2-21-18 Master's Course-Type Option- Minimum Hours Change Document 1-22-18 Minutes 2-21-18 Minutes
10-23-17 GMAT Waiver- College of Business- GMAT Waiver (policy update) Document N/A N/A
10-9-17 GRE/ GMAT Waiver- School of Information Document N/A N/A
8-31-17 Updated Leave of Absence Policy Document N/A N/A
2-17-16 Language of the Theses, Dissertations and Treatises Policy Document 1-11-16 Minutes 2-17-16 Minutes
11-18-15 Residence Policy Revision Document
2-16-15 Minutes
3-30-15 Minutes
11-2-15 Minutes
11-18-15 Minutes
10-19-15 GMAT Waiver- Master's of Accounting (MAcc) Document 10-19-15 Minutes N/A
12-3-14 University Wide Standards for Graduate Teaching Assistants Document 10-27-14 Minutes 12-3-14 Minutes
10-6-14 GMAT Waiver- College of Business- MBA & MS Programs Document 10-6-14 Minutes N/A
4-21-14 GRE Waiver- College of Criminology Document 4-21-14 Minutes N/A
2-24-14 Revision to Language Requirement for International Students Document 2-24-14 Minutes N/A
2-19-14 Revision to Dual Enrollment Policy Document 1-27-14 Minutes 2-19-14 Minutes
10-1-13 Policy for Combined Section Classes (Co-Listed 4000-5000 Level Courses) Document N/A N/A
4-24-13 College of Medicine- Transfer Student Policy Document 4-1-13 Minutes 4-24-13 Minutes
4-24-13 Residence Requirement for the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program Document 2-4-13 Minutes 4-24-13 Minutes
4-24-13 New Language for Graduate Bulletin on Academic Integrity and Advisement Document N/A 4-24-13 Minutes
12-5-12 Modification of Spoken English Certification Standards for TAs in Modern Language and Linguistics Document 11-26-12 Minutes 12-5-12 Minutes
12-5-12 Alternative Certification for International TAs Document 10-1-12 Minutes 12-5-12 Minutes
1-30-12 GRE Waiver- Interior Design (MS and MFA) Document 1-30-12 Minutes N/A
2-16-11 Graduate Bulletin Revisions to the Doctoral Dissertation Defense Policy Document 2-28-11 Minutes 2-16-11 Minutes
2-16-11 Graduate Bulletin Revisions to Graduate Degree Requirements Section Document 10-11-10 Minutes 2-16-11 Minutes
2-14-11 GRE Waiver- College of Motion Picture Arts Document 2-14-11 Minutes
2-14-11 Revision to ETD Submission Process Document 2-14-11 Minutes N/A
2-16-09 Examination in Defense of Dissertation Policy Document 2-16-09 Minutes N/A
1-12-09 Supervisory Committee and University Representative Policy Revision Document 1-12-09 Minutes N/A
11-26-07 ETD Sequestration Policy Revision Document 11-26-07 Minutes N/A
10-30-06 ETD Sequestration Policy Revision Document 10-30-06 Minutes N/A
10-31-05 IBTOEFL Minimum Score Document 10-31-05 Minutes N/A
4-4-05 Grade Appeals System Document
Proposal to Revise
Step Process
4-4-05 Minutes N/A
3-14-05 S/U Deadline Policy Change Document
Policy Change Memo
3-14-05 Minutes N/A
4-21-04 Elimination of Forgiveness Policy Document
Implementation Procedures
Analysis Table
4-5-04 Minutes 4-21-04 Minutes
4-21-04 Revision to Reinstatement Policy Document
Proposal Memo
4-5-04 Minutes 4-21-04 Minutes
9-23-02 Electronic Submission of Treatises, Theses, and Dissertations (ETD Project) Document 9-23-02 Minutes N/A
10-15-01 GRE Waiver- Dance (MFA) Document 10-15-01 Minutes N/A
4-24-00 GRE Waiver- Theatre (MFA) Document 4-24-00 Minutes N/A
3-15-93 S/U Deadline Policy Change Document 3-15-93 Minutes N/A
2-10-92 Registrar Policy for Resetting a Graduate Student's GPA Document
2-10-92 Minutes N/A
11-14-90 Graduate Bulletin Revisions Document 10-8-90 Minutes 11-14-90 Minutes
4-19-89 Graduate Assistants with 25% or Greater- Minimum of 9 Credit Hrs Document
4-10-89 Minutes 4-19-89 Minutes
10-31-88 Examination in Defense of Dissertation Policy Document 4-18-88 Minutes 10-31-88 Minutes
4-8-87 Proposal to Lower Minimum TOEFL Score for International Students Document 2-16-87 Minutes 4-8-87 Minutes
11-17-86 Clarification to the Residence Requirement Document 11-17-86 Minutes N/A
10-13-80 Graduate Bulletin Revisions Document N/A N/A
4-14-80 Joint Authorship of a Thesis or Dissertation Document N/A N/A
1-16-78 Requiring a 3.0 GPA for Grad Students Seeking Admission to FSU with a Master's Degree Document (Item # 108) N/A N/A
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