The Graduate Policy Committee (GPC) considers University-wide policies related to graduate education and works in accordance with the Steering Committee and the Faculty Senate. When a policy is successfully accepted by the GPC, it has to then normally be approved by the Steering Committee and/or the Faculty Senate (depending on the nature of the policy) in order to be revised and implemented. This page consolidates all approved graduate policies related specifically to faculty and staff. 

Table Key

  1. Date- This serves as the official date that the policy was approved and finalized.
  2. Subject- The subject heading highlights the name of the policy.
  3. Approved Policy- This link takes you directly to the new and/or revised policy wording. The header of this document shows each date the policy was discussed, revised and accepted.
  4. Graduate Policy Committee (GPC) Minutes- Highlights the discussion, origin, and reasons behind the development or amendment of the policy.
  5. Faculty Senate (FS) Minutes- Highlights the discussion in finalizing and approving the policy for implementation.

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Note: If "N/A" is visible under the GPC or FS column, this does not mean the minutes do not exist, but rather could not be found. This website is a work-in-progress, so bear with us as we try to locate all of the information.


If you have any questions pertaining to these graduate policies and procedures, please contact James Beck at jpbeck@fsu.edu.








Approved Policy



GPC Minutes



FS Minutes

4-22-20 Revision to Conflict of Interest Policy Document 3/16/20 Minutes 4-22-20 Minutes
9-17-18 College of Law Grading Scale Change Document 9-17-18 Minutes N/A
5-1-18 Dismissal Procedures (for reason other than GPA) Document N/A N/A
4-18-18 Combined and Joint Pathways- Policy/Procedures  Document 4-16-18 Minutes 4-18-18 Minutes
9-25-17 Joint Degree Proposals- Review Process Change Document 9-25-17 Minutes N/A
9-25-17 Academic Dismissal Policy (Bulletin Edit) Document 9-25-17 Minutes N/A
8-31-17 Updated Joint Degree Policy Document N/A N/A
3-21-17 New GPC Policy on Proposal Submissions Document N/A N/A
2-17-16 Revision to Provisional Graduate Student Policy Document with Edits
Document without Edits
1-11-16 Minutes 2-17-16 Minutes
11-18-15 Graduate Teaching Status (GTS) for Postdocs Document 10-19-15 Minutes 11-18-15 Minutes
2-24-14 Probation Notation on Graduate Student Transcripts Document 2-24-14 Minutes N/A
1-27-14 Revision to Faculty Handbook- Graduate Faculty Membership Document 1-27-14 Minutes N/A
12-4-13 Conflict of Interest Policy Added to University Notices Section of Bulletin Document N/A 12-4-13 Minutes
9-16-13 Pearson Test of English (PTE) as Alternative to TOEFL Exam Document 9-16-13 Minutes N/A
4-1-13 Main Campus Degree Proposal for Off-Campus Site Document 4-1-13 Minutes N/A
4-24-13 Graduate Faculty Membership for the College of Law Document 2-4-13 Minutes 4-24-13 Minutes
9-19-12 Revised Language for Temporary Graduate Teaching Status (GTS) Document N/A 9-19-12 Minutes
2-27-12 Revised Conflict of Interest Policy for Graduate Bulletin Document 2-27-12 Minutes N/A
1-30-12 Revision to Interior Design GRE Policy Document 1-30-12 Minutes N/A
3-28-11 Revision to Art Education 4+1 Program GRE Policy Document 3-28-11 Minutes N/A
3-28-11 College of Medicine- Pass/Fail System Document 3-14-11 Minutes
3-28-11 Miniutes
4-6-09 FSU Graduate Admissions Standards Document 4-6-09 Minutes
3-23-09 Minutes
1-26-09 New Graduate Faculty Status (GFS) Implementation and Language for Fac. Handbook Document
1-26-09 Minutes N/A
9-17-07 Conditional Admission for International Students Document
2013 Updated
9-17-07 Minutes N/A
11-6-06 Quorums and Abstentions in GPC Voting Document 11-6-06 Minutes N/A
10-6-06 Graduate Handbook Requirement for all Academic Programs Document
10-2-06 Minutes N/A
10-2-06 Role of Inside Member on GPC Subcommittees during Program reviews Document 10-2-06 Minutes N/A
10-2-06 Dissertation Defense Voting Document 10-2-06 Minutes N/A
2-27-06 New Online Degree Proposal Procedures Document 2-27-06 Minutes N/A
10-24-05 Joint Degree Programs Document
10-24-05 Minutes N/A
11-8-04 Graduate Student Representation on Faculty Senate Document 11-8-04 Minutes N/A
10-27-03 Revision to Provisional Graduate Student Policy (9hrs) Document 10-27-03 Minutes N/A
3-31-03 International Students- Enrollment Hours Document 3-31-03 Minutes N/A
3-31-03 College of Medicine- Grading Policy Revision- (Honors/Pass/Fail) Document
3-31-03 Minutes N/A
2-1-03 Proposal to Allow Social Work Doctoral Students to Teach Master's Students Document 11-18-02 Minutes 2-1-03 Minutes
9-23-02 College of Medicine- Academic Probation GPA Revision Document 9-23-02 Minutes N/A
10-15-01 College of Medicine- Academic Probation/ Graduation Standard GPA Revision Document 10-15-01 Minutes N/A
4-5-99 Differing Academic Standards between PIMS (2.8 GPA) and FSU (3.0 GPA) Document
4-5-99 Minutes N/A
4-20-98 Proposed Concept for a Graduate Film Conservatory Curriculum Document 4-20-98 Minutes N/A
2-24-97 College of Law- Grading and Course Numbering Procedures Document 2-24-97 Minutes N/A
1-22-96 Revision of Short Course Specifications in Distance Learning Document
1-22-96 Minutes N/A
2-28-94 Revision to the Rule for Reconsideration of Denial of Admission to a Graduate Program Document
2-28-94 Minutes N/A
1-25-93 Graduate Education in the 21st Century Report Document
Full Report
1-25-93 Minutes N/A
8-4-92 Proposal to Allow TAs in Modern Languages to teach Graduate Reading Language Courses Document
3-9-92 Minutes 8-4-92 Minutes
3-9-92 Report on Distinction between an Ed.D. and a Ph.D. Document
Full Report
3-9-92 Minutes N/A
9-23-91 College of Law- S/U Grading Option Document 9-23-91 Minutes  
11-7-88 BOR Report on FSU GRE Scores Document
11-7-88 Minutes N/A
12-2-87 Revision to Graduate Faculty Membership Guidelines Document with Edits
Document without Edits
4-27-87 Minutes 12-2-87 Minutes
11-17-86 Revision to Faculty Handbook- DDS for Emeritus/Retired Faculty Document 11-17-86 Minutes N/A
11-12-86 Graduate Bulletin Revisions- Minimum # of Dissertation/Thesis Hours- Final Term Document 3-3-86 Minutes 11-12-86 Minutes
10-14-85 Dissertation Approval Process Document 10-14-85 Minutes N/A
9-23-85 Recommendations on Streamlining the Doctoral Program Review Process Document
9-23-85 Minutes N/A
3-23-84 Plus/Minus (+/-) Grading System Implementation Document
UPC Recommendations
GPC Recommendations
2-20-84 Minutes 3-23-84 Minutes
11-23-81 Conversion from Quarter System to Semester Plan Document
Memo 1
Memo 2
11-23-81 Minutes N/A
5-18-81 Special Needs and Review Procedures for Interdisciplinary & Interdivisional Programs Document
5-18-81 Minutes N/A
5-18-81 Subcommittee Report on Admission Procedures for Graduate Students Document
5-18-81 Minutes N/A
5-18-81 College of Business- Graduate Faculty Status (MDS) Updated Document
5-18-81 Minutes N/A
2-11-80 Recommendations for Special (Non-Degree Seeking) Students Document N/A N/A
4-9-79 Revision to Graduate Faculty Membership Guidelines Document N/A N/A
1-15-79 Review of the Operation/Utilization of the Computing Center for Graduate Students Document
Full Report
12-11-78 Revision of the M.A. Programs in Slavic & East European Studies Document N/A N/A
3-6-78 University-Wide Standards for Awarding Doctoral Directive Status (DDS) Document N/A N/A
1-5-78 Revision to FSU Constitution Document N/A N/A
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